Watercress Soup Diet

One of the things that’s hard to do is to manage hunger.  Feeling hungry without eating is just difficult especially to those who are trying to lose weight for health purposes.  But with watercress soup around, you don’t have to bear the pangs of hunger.

This aquatic herb is full of nutrients such as Vitamins C, A, E, calcium, iron, fiber and much more.  But it is also low on calories which is why no matter how much watercress you consume, you simply won’t gain weight.

Watercress is easy for the stomach to digest especially when made into soup.  It can also be prepared ahead and then frozen to be consumed at a later time.  It tastes good, too.

This is not to say though that a person on a diet should eat watercress alone.  This herb is full of vitamins and minerals, yes, but the body needs a wider range of nutrients to function well.

Some of the vegetables and fruits you can eat along with watercress soup include asparagus, beans, cabbage, carrots, turnips, celery, apples, cherries, grapes, lemons, melons, oranges, plums and strawberries.  The body also needs protein which why it is also okay to eat chicken and fish.

Ideally, a person on a watercress soup diet must not eat more than 1500 calories a day and must leave a gap of at least four weeks after every watercress soup diet.

Making a delicious watercress soup is easy and simple.  All you need are onions, chicken stock, potatoes, watercress, salt and pepper to taste.

Just sautee the onions in two tablespoons of chicken stock, add the potatoes and cook until it gets soft.  Then, add the watercress and cook for about three minutes.

Transfer the soup in a food processor and blend into a thick mixture.  This soup can be served either hot or cold.

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  1. Miss Mary says:

    Can I Juice Water Cress and add it to carrot Juice?
    I just love the flavor combo idea!