Watercress as an Aphrodisiac

Watercress, apart from being nutritionally rich, is believed by many as an aphrodisiac.  No research has proven this as a fact, but there it is.

Different countries all over the world claimed that this aquatic herb stimulates sexual desire.  In fact, historical sources show watercress has been used by ancient Romans, Persians, Arabs, Greeks, among others to improve sexual drive.

Not only that, watercress is also said to increase sperm count.  Although an aphrodisiac, it is believed to cause temporary sterility in certain African tribes.

Folklore even tells of an Arab prince who allegedly imports watercress from the United Kingdom just to assist him satisfy his harem.

Men from Hampshire believed watercress to be “hot stuff” and islanders from Crete have attested to its sexual powers and have handed down recipes and brews from one generation to the next.

This nature of watercress can probably be attributed to its high zinc and iron content which helps regenerate the body’s system which, in a way, can affects the sexual system.

A lot of post menopausal women – between 25 to 63 percent – are suffering from sexual dysfunction.  Although no concrete basis can support how watercress improves sexual drive, it won’t hurt to stock the odds on your side and try.