Watercress: A Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Chinese is known to practice healing with the use of natural foods and remedies instead of the usual modern-day medicine.

Although they have been doing this since 2000 BCE, documentation has been discovered only around 500 BCE.  The Chinese has also infused the concept of yin and yang, not just in natural healing, but also in food therapy.

They believe that yang foods are full of energy and can increase metabolism while yin foods are high in water content and can lower metabolism.

Ideally, people should eat food that has a balance between yin and yang in order to avoid ailments.  Otherwise, the body of a person will become unbalanced and is prone to suffer from diseases.

One herb the Chinese is using as a restorative and healing remedy is watercress.  They believe that this aquatic herb can do a lot of wonders for the body: reduce tumors, improves digestion, improves vision, heals urinary issues, sore throats, anemia and even dispels bad breath.

They have named watercress as the “Vegetable from the Western Ocean” and is highly esteemed for its recuperative significance.

Science has proven how nutritious this herb is.  It has hour times the calcium of two percent of milk and has as much vitamin C as an orange.  It even has more iron than spinach.  Aside from these, watercress is also loaded with other vitamins and minerals.

It is classified by the Chinese as a cooling and blood-enriching food and is best when eaten raw.

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2 Responses to “Watercress: A Traditional Chinese Medicine”

  1. jhtutt says:

    watercress can you eat the flowers

  2. anacastro3l6@yaho.com says:

    I never knew that watercress had flowers. Nice to see it, because for 83 years my mother called herself Watercress Flower, and I never saw a watercress flower till today. Thanks, very beautiful and simple as my mother is.