Tips for Growing Watercress in a Garden Pond

If you have a pond but think watercress can’t grow in them, think again.  You don’t have to have running water to grow this aquatic herb.  In fact, you can grow them in regular planters, more so, a pond.

The first thing you should make sure of though is to clean your pond.  Watercress gets easily contaminated by dirty or polluted water, affecting its properties and in worse cases, can cause illness.

Ponds also attract snails and the snails may be infected with liverfluke, a disease which can also affect watercress.  So again, clean your pond before attempting to grow this herb.

Plant your watercress in large containers which can be submerged in the water.  Watercress is not exactly a true water plant – its roots grow under the water but foliage must remain above the water.

It is also better to plant watercress in equal mixtures of potting soil and sphagnum moss.

Watercress requires little attention once they have their roots established.  They grow quickly, too.  Left on its own, it can grow as tall as a meter and can take over pretty much your whole pond.

Regular harvesting should take care of this.  Watercress shoots are typically harvested when it’s about eight inches in length.