Things You Need for Growing Watercress in a Container

Growing watercress, whether in a stream or in a container, is easier than you might think.  This peppery-tasting herb is hardy and requires little attention in order to thrive.

To grow watercress in a container, you will only need a couple of things.  A planting bowl that’s about 18 inches in diameter with no draining holes.  This is what will hold the water in so make sure there are no holes of any sort.

You also need a smaller pot or container where you will plant your watercress.  This one should have the standard draining holes in it.  You will be placing this pot inside the bigger water container so make sure this one is smaller.   

For the soil, you will need a mixture of compost and sphagnum moss.  Both are readily available at your local garden store.

And then of course, you will need watercress.  You can sow your own seeds, but it’s much faster and easier to grow this herb from cuttings.  You can purchase watercress at the green grocers or the nearest fresh farm market.

Choose those with small, white rootlets still attached to the plant.  If you can’t find any, you can put the watercress in a jar or  a bowl of water for a few days.  You will notice the cuttings begin to grow rootlets in just a few days.  This is what you will be planting in the pot of compost soil.

Once you have assembled the watercress, place the container in a shady but open area.  Their roots will be established in just about four weeks.