Six Different Gastronomic Uses of Watercress

An herb related to the mustard, watercress can be used in a lot of creative ways.  What makes this aquatic plant great in dishes is its pungent and peppery flavour — characteristics that can add zing to any food.

In Salads

Watercress has an intense flavour which, when used too much, can overpower the flavour of other ingredients.  This is especially true when it is used fresh like in salads.

To mellow this intensity, you can choose ingredients with a sweet, sour or salty flavour for your salad such as strawberries, apples, shallots or beets.  Fresh watercress is said to help fight spring tiredness and vitamin deficiency.

In Sandwiches

Watercress added in sandwiches is popular, especially during the Victorian age where workers pair this aquatic herb with plain black bread.

Today, watercress is still used this way – though, not only workers enjoy it – to add flavour and crunch to sandwiches.  You can mix it with cream cheese, chives, parsley or cucumber.

In Soups

Because of its strong peppery tang, watercress can definitely infuse flavour to any kind of soup.  Not only is it delicious, drinking hot soup with watercress especially in winter time can also help our bodies have the vitamins it needs to stay healthy.

You can slice it in small pieces and add it in vegetable or chicken stock.  You can puree it along with boiled potatoes or peas.  Or you can also use it as the main ingredient and add other spices for extra flavour.

In Pastas

Some people don’t want to use watercress stems in their dish, but it’s also edible and can be used as a pesto.

Just trim the roots and blend it in a food processor or blender.  Then, add some garlic, pine nuts, lemon, parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

In Pizzas

Want to make your pizza a bit healthier to eat?  Try adding watercress to it.  It would add an interesting, peppery flavour to pizza especially if you also put in ricotta cheese, fresh basil and little pancetta with it.

As a Vegetable Juice

Like other vegetables, the nutrients of watercress can be maximized when eaten raw.  And what better way to consume raw watercress than to blend it with other fruits or veggies as a juice?

You can tone down its strong taste if you add it with turnips, spinach, carrots, cucumber or beets.

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