Is Watercress Easy to Grow?

You can grow what you need whenever you need it if you plant your own vegetable in your garden.  No lettuce for salads or garnish for your meat?  Watercress solves that problem.  They are easy to grow, with or without a running stream!

Typically seen in streams, creeks and banks of water, it is believed by many to be grown in these areas alone.  But you can grow this peppery-tasting herb in regular garden plots and even containers so long as you supply it regularly with abundant water.

Watercress can be grown from seed easily.  But much it would be much easier to grow them from stems bought from the green grocers of fresh farm markets.

This perennial peppery-tasting herb behaves like an annual and spreads very quickly, covering a large area in no time.  You can add high nitrogen fertilizer to the soil during the summer to encourage foliage growth.  Otherwise, it grows well without much attention.

It stops growth during winter but would not die if the water does not freeze.  If you have a stream nearby, plant this herb as far up the stream as possible.  Minor flooding would even make this plant spread downstream in no time.