How Watercress Can Help Reduce Mucus

Watercress is full of nutrients and is good for a lot of medicinal purposes.  One such purpose of watercress is to reduce the mucus caused by colds, cough and bronchitis.

One of the oldest and most effective treatment for these ailments is watercress.  Until today, over four billion people all over the world use herbal remedies as an integral part of their treatment.

Watercress has been described as an effective expectorant.  It means this aquatic herb helps the body in loosening mucus and getting rid of phlegm whenever we cough.  It keeps the throat and airways clear of unwanted substances making it easier for us to breathe.

If taken by people already suffering a cold or cough, watercress can help shorten the duration of the ailment and lower its intensity.  If taken at the first symptom, it can even help prevent it from becoming a full-pledge infection.

To treat the symptoms of cough and cold such as runny nose, just eat about an ounce of fresh watercress.  You can also make watercress tea by soaking two tablespoons of freshly chopped watercress leaves in a cup of hot water.

You can also brew watercress leaves and add chamomile blooms, thyme leaves and eucalyptus leaves in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to help clear respiratory passages and loosen phlegm.

Other related ailments that watercress cures include tuberculosis, asthma and emphysema.  Watercress is said to be at their best nutritionally when it is in flower.