How to Grow Watercress in a Container Without Running Water

Don’t despair if you don’t have a stream near your place or a pond in your garden.  You can still grow watercress without them.  Watercress can be cultivated even in a container with no running water.

The first step is to buy watercress from the green grocers or your local fresh farm market.  It’s best that you choose the ones with their roots still on.  But those without roots would still do.  Just put them in a bowl of fresh water and they will sprout new roots in just a few days.

Then, get a large and deep plastic container with appropriate draining holes for proper water drainage.  Fill it with a mix of half compost soil and the other half of sphagnum moss.  Leave a space of about four to five inches at the top of the container.

Firm up the soil and staurate it with water.  Remember, watercress loves water and thrives in it, so don’t be afraid to water the soil a little too much because that’s what it loves.

When the soil has drained a little, make a hole in the soil.  The hole must be a bit bigger than the stem of the watercress.  Insert the watercress and cover the hole.  Each watercress must be planted approximately four inches apart.

Once you’re done, water the soil again.

Get another container that’s bigger than the one where your watercress is planted.  Fill it with water and put your watercress container in it.  Make sure that at least half of the watercress container is submerged in the water.

Place the large container in a shady but open area.  Remember to change the water at least once a week, but the more often you do, the better.  In about four weeks, your watercress should have well-established roots.