Growing Watercress in Running Water

Growing watercress loves to grow in streams, lakes and creeks.  If you are lucky to have some type of running water near your area and you know it’s clean, then it’s the ideal place to cultivate this peppery-tasting herb.

Choose an area inside a bend that has a relatively flat surface.  The site should also be a slight slope away from the water source.

You can plant watercress sprigs bought from the green grocers or shops.  These sprigs usually have small rootlets which will develop into mature roots in no time.

If there are no rootlets, you can submerge the cutlets in a bowl of water in a sunny spot.  You will notice roots start to emerge at the bottom of the watercress in just a few days.

Watercress can also be grown in artificial ponds.  You can plant the watercress in a regular but large planter and half submerge it in the pond.  You can use a pump of a fountain to get the water moving a little around it.  Hydroponic facilities can also be utilized to achieve the desired conditions.

Make sure to change the water in your pond once in a while as watercress do not grow in stagnant, dirty water.  Not only that, once the water becomes contaminated by pollutants, it can affect the properties of the watercress and can cause illness when eaten.